Warm, Confident & Reassuring

Since about the age of 6 or 7 I have been fascinated with voices. From imitating Woody Woodpecker at top volume (and my Mom yelling "turn down the TV!") to a short stint in acting in middle school, I just loved how the tone, inflection and delivery of words could change the whole effect they had on the listener. In the 1990's I spent 5 years off and on in the studio as a singer for various punk bands and then on to some TV advertisements and corporate narraration. Blah blah. Working on this.

Commercial and Narration Demo

My Promise To You

I promise to you that I will listen, take direction and over-deliver for your project.   I love what I do and love serving my clients even more.   I won't let you walk away feeling anything other than happy and well taken care of.



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